Biodegradowalna tacka

Maczfit Saplings

We understand that no organisation exists in a vacuum but is part of that larger organism called society. We feel the burden of responsibility that weighs on companies in our industry. What is more, we have professional knowledge about healthy nutrition, which we will not hesitate to use! That is why, at our headquarters, we have organised a number of educational suites where Maczfit dietitians conduct classes on healthy eating. We focus on the youngest generation - children and school youth. These youngsters are our "saplings". If we envelop them with loving care, we will guide them to healthy habits and they will grow up in the future, actively aware of their choices. Thanks to us, they will learn the basic principles of balanced food and will find that there are equally tasty and healthier alternatives to chips and pizza.

Biodegradowalne sztućce

A company with a heart

In Maczfit our willingness to help is enormous, that is why we have started co-operation with UNICEF as part of the "Company with a Heart" programme. Together we will bring healthy help to children around the world. In Syria, South Sudan and Ukraine and wherever armed conflict is smouldering, it is the children who suffer the most. They are often left to fend for themselves and cannot satisfy their basic needs. UNICEF guarantees that any funds collected will be used in the best possible way. And sometimes very little is enough! A new backpack for school is only PLN 13, while PLN 30 will buy a week-long therapy for an extremely undernourished child from territories affected by famine.