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Maczfit - why us?

Maczfit is the first totally professional dietary catering in Poland. What makes us stand out from the rest so that we are your number one choice?

The diet will protect us

In Maczfit, we look to the future with optimism - we want to look for new, creative solutions that will help us enjoy good health every day. What we eat has always had an impact on our health. However, this impact is increasingly noticeable due to the development of civilization. The Maczfit combos help to improve our immunity, positively influence our well-being and can also prevent the development of many diseases.

Meals for special tasks

DSpecialist diets are a very important segment of our product portfolio. No wonder, then, that more and more people are unable to tolerate certain ingredients or suffer from allergies. To be able to construct our combos competently, we use the latest knowledge and experience of our dietitians. It is thanks to them that you can choose from many specialist diets, such as lactose-free, diabetic, gluten-free, gluten and lactose-free.

The joy of eating with Maczfit

On one hand, food is a way to deal with health problems; on the other hand, food is quite simply an incredible pleasure. We try to skillfully combine both elements. We want everyone who opens one of our sets to be pleasantly surprised, no matter how traditional or specialist they might be. We take care of the aesthetic experience: taste, appearance, aroma and the attractive composition of the dish in the container.

How do we cook?

We could write more than one book about cooking. But instead of writing, we prefer to cook. And we cook a lot..! In 2 years of activity, we have prepared a total of over 4,500 different dishes! This allowed us to work out our own original style and refine the majority of the meals we prepare to absolute perfection. In our menu, you will find everything that is best and healthiest in the modern kitchen: from fusion elements to the whole spectrum of so-called super-foods. We prepare our meals from high-quality ingredients that we combine into original and creative compositions. There is a number of varied, often exotic components - we do not save or simplify. On the contrary, we believe in the power of diversity. 

Better quality of life

Maczfit dietary combos and juices have become an indispensable element of everyday life for many people. Deliciously healthy, properly balanced meals have until recently been a luxury which only few people could afford. Preparing, for example, a lactose-free meal or a gluten-free meal required a lot of effort and time. Today, Maczfit solves this problem by offering elegantly packed boxes, in which you will find beautifully presented dietary meals. Our combos are chosen by very busy people, people with health issues, fitness fans and conscious parents who want their children to have a wholesome, healthy meal to take to school.