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Maczfit diets with your menu.

Now it's your choice!

Get a restaurant-like experience! Sit down, relax and order whatever you want! Yes, it's still a diet. But with a menu of your choice!
Choose, swap and eat whatever you like!

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Now it's your choice, what your diet menu will
look like each day!

Choose your meals, delivery dates and addresses.

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Wybór Menu
- co zyskujesz?


Swobodę wyboru posiłków w ramach określonej przez Ciebie kaloryczności

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Możliwość dodania do swojego zamówienia dodatkowego posiłku

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Elastyczny wybór - sam decydujesz, na jakie smaki masz ochotę

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Aż 20 posiłków do wyboru każdego dnia


Twój dzień z Maczfit


Choose which meals you want to eat

With our catering, you get 20 meals to choose from each day. It's up to you which ones you want and you'll always know what to expect., Not sure what you want? You can choose your menu right away*, or do it later.


Have it all under control

You will always stay within your calorie limit! You can choose your meals, and at the same time – have full control over your diet plan!


Enjoy freedom!

Each day on our website you can choose meals for the upcoming days. You can freely add and change meals!


What meals are in store for you?

Each day, there's 20 meals prepared by our chefs and dieticians waiting for you. Each meal is described so that you can easily control your diet.


Paulina Barros - Clinical Dietician

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For those who want to stay lean and fit but don't have any special diet needs.


No Meat

For those who don't eat meat and those that wan't to try! Our Vege meals are V-Label certified!


No Gluten & Lactose

For those who want to limit or completely cut out products including gluten and lactose.


Less Carbs

For those who want to limit their carbs intake and replace them with healthy protein!


Do you want to invite someone over for a FIT dinner?

Or maybe you plan on eating breakfast for two? No problem! Just add one more meal to your order and... done!


Frequently asked questions

  • arrow Diets
    • 1. How is Your Choice Menu different from other Maczfit diets?arrow

      We have modified our offer. Our clients can now access the already known, perfectly balanced Maczfit diets as well as the new, flexible solution - Your Choice Menu.

      Our programs are 11 ready, tried and true, baanced diets, composed by our dieticians. Each program has 5 meals, that we deliver daily to your door.

      Your Choice Menu is a completely new solution, which enables you to create your entire order. There's 20 meals to choose from each day, including basic allergens as well as the option to add an extra meal. With Your Choice Menu, it's your decision whether you want a sweet or a savory breakfast. You can also freely manage your meal plan, delivery dates and addresses.

    • 2. How many meals can I order with Your Choice Menu? arrow

      Our standard plan contains 5 meals each day. With Your Choice Menu you can add an extra sixth meal.

    • 3. How many calories does Your Choice Menu offer? arrow
      Your Choice Menu offers different calorie amounts to choose from: 1000/1300/1500/1800/2000/2500/3000 kcal per day.
    • 4. Can I use the trial set or the first order discount when ordering Your Choice Menu? arrow

      With Your Choice Menu you can only use the first order discount. Trial sets are only available in one of our Maczfit diet programs.

  • arrow Orders
    • 1. When do I need to place my order to get it the next day? arrow

      A Your Choice Menu order during the weekdays must be placed no later than 2PM and 72 hours before you plan on first using the program. Orders placed on Saturday no later than 11AM will be delivered on Wednesday.

      The way of ordering our standard Maczfit programs stays the same. You can still place your order no longer than 2PM and receive your meals the next day. Maczfit standard program orders placed on Saturday no later than 11AM will still be delivered on Monday.

    • 2. How can I choose my meals? arrow

      You can only choose your meals on our website Just go to the customer dashboard. You can also make your choices when placing your order.

    • 3. How much time do I have to choose my meals? arrow

      You can make your choice up to 5 days before your order is delivered.
      On Monday before 2PM you can choose your meals for Thursday and the 4 following days.
      On Tuesday before 2PM you can choose your meals for Friday and the 4 following days.
      On Wednesday before 2PM you can choose your meals for Saturday and the 4 following days.
      On Thursday before 2PM you can choose your meals for Sunday and Monday as well as the 4 following days.
      On Friday before 2PM you can choose your meals for Tuesday and the 4 following days.
      On Saturday before 2PM you can choose your meals for Wednesday and the 4 following days.

    • 4. Can I make changes to my order? arrow

      Yes - you can change your plan, pasue or cancel your deliveries or chage your address in the customer dashboard or through contacting our Customer Service Centre. Remember to make the changes to your deliveries 3 days prior. Remember, you can only choose your meals using our website at in the customer dashboard.

    • 5. Can I choose my meals by contacting the Customer Service? arrow

      You can only choose meals online at our website

    • 6. What if I don't choose my menu for a certain day? arrow

      If you don't make your choice for a certain day, we will deliver meals from a stadard diet plan within your calorie limit to you.

  • arrow Special requirements
    • 1. Are Maczfit meals balanced? arrow

      Each of our Maczfit meals is balanced when it comes to macro and microelements. With Your Choice Menu, the maximum difference can reach up to 10%.

    • 2. How many special food needs does Your Choice Menu support? arrow

      Each meal has a sign which will help you choose the best meals for you.

      No Meat – for those who don't eat meat or those who wan't to try it out. All vegetarian meals in the Your Choice Menu diet are V-Label certified.

      No Gluten & Lactose – for those who want to cut down on or completely eliminate gluten and lactose from their diet.

      Less Carbs – for people who want to cut down on carbs in their diet and replace them with heathly protein.

    • 3. What if I have special food needs? arrow

      If you need to follow a strict diet - we recommend contacting one of our dieticians and choosing one of our 11 diet programs.


Do you prefer pre-chosen meal plans?

Not a problem! Our catering offers 11 defined diet plans, made to suit your needs!