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Loyalty Program


Stay with us longer, because it pays off! Join our loyalty program, collect radishes and get free Maczfit diet days. Because together, we’re stronger!

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Collect radishes!

Order our diets and
for each day
you will get 1 radish.

+1 radish

Rate each meal
in a day to get
1 radish!

+1 radish
Long order

Order for 3
weeks - get
3 extra radishes!

Order for 4
weeks - get
4 extra radishes!

+3 radish

For each
completed day
of your friend's diet
you will get 1 extra radish!

+1 radish
You win, I win
5% discount for your friends
Exchange radishes for free diet days
in our loyalty program!
Sign in and see how it works
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Exchange points for free diet days
60 radish = 1 FREE diet day
x 1
110 radish = 2 FREE diet days
x 2
150 radish = 3 FREE diet days
x 3
180 radish = 4 FREE diet days
x 4

FAQ - Program Lojalnościowy

How can I join the Loyalty Program?

All you have to do is to accept the Loyalty Program conditions by going to “My Radishes” on your account. Your account will be automatically activated and you will be able to collect radishes!

Why do I need the radishes?

You can exchange the collected radishes for free Maczfit diet days: 60 radishes - 1 day, 110 radishes - 2 days, 150 radishes - 3 days, 180 radishes - 4 days.

How can I get Maczfit radishes?

You can collect radishes a few different ways:
• For each completed day of your order: 1 radish
• For each rated day: 1 radish
• For a long-term order: 3 weeks: 3 extra radishes; 4 weeks: 4 extra radishes
• For each completed day of your friend’s order: 1 radish

When will I get my radishes?

Your radishes will be automatically added to your account after each completed day of your diet. You can check the number of radishes that will be added to your account by going to Scheduled radishes.

How can I redeem my radishes?

When placing your next order, choose Get free diet days. We will then lower the order cost by the number of free diet days you choose to redeem. You can place an order using free diet days only.

What if I pause my order?

If you pause your order, your radishes will wait for you in Scheduled radishes. Once you resume your order, they will be added to your account.

What if I cancel my order?

If you cancel your order, the radishes scheduled for you will be deleted.

Can I give up being in the Loyalty Program?

You can give up at all times. In order to do so, please contact our Customer Service. You can reach us via email: [email protected], via phone: +48 734 461 099 or in the Messenger app.