Strength comes from the group! If you are a personal trainer, you have an original personality, you have an interesting profile in social media and you have a group of loyal customers, we can conquer many gyms together. 

 We know very well how difficult it is to achieve your dream figure and that it is even harder to maintain it. Your body is your business card, right? Training is not all, you also need a proper diet. And it just so happens that diets are what we know best. 

 Write to us and tell us something more about yourself and your work. We'll get back to you soon and we'll offer you an interesting affiliate system based on discounts for both you and your clients.

Creators of opinions

Do you like healthy food? You cannot live without sport? Or maybe you have an interesting passion that means that you do not always have time for balanced meals? That’s great because Maczfit was created out of a passion for healthy cuisine and activity! 

 If you run an interesting profile in Social Media as well and you bring together a community of people with a positive attitude towards life, maybe together we can create something amazing. Send us a message and describe what our co-operation could look like. 

 We are open to all ideas, even the craziest!