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Od 13 lipca będzie obowiązywał nowy regulamin serwisu Maczfit. Aby zapoznać się ze zmianami, prosimy o przejście do zakładki Regulamin.

Frequently asked questions

  • 1. At what time are the deliveries carried out?

    Deliveries are carried out in the period from 2.00 to the hour indicated by the client (10.00).

  • 2. Can one choose a delivery time interval?

    Logistically speaking, we can only select a range from 2.00 to the time indicated by the customer.

  • 3. Are deliveries made daily?

    We deliver every day except Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, we deliver 2 combos (for Saturday and Sunday).

  • 4. When do I place an order so that I get it the following day?

    Orders should be placed by 14.00; they are delivered on the following business day, whereas on Saturday orders placed till 11:00 are delivered on Monday.

  • 5. Can I change the delivery address during the subscription?

    Of course; you can change the address as well as stop the diet or cancel it.

  • 6. Is it possible to suspend delivery?

    Yes, provided that it is done on-line in our automated system.

  • 7. Is it possible to exclude one or several ingredients from the diet?

    We cannot exclude an ingredient from the dietary plan, but we do offer a large number of different dietary plans that meet most nutritional needs.

  • 8. Is it possible to suspend or change the date of delivery during the execution of the order?

    In exceptional situations, for example due to a business trip or for health reasons, etc., we can stop delivery or move it to a more convenient date.

  • 9. Is it possible to change the calorific value or the dietary plan itself during the subscription period?

    Yes, the calorific content or the dietary plan, themselves, can be changed during the subscription period.

  • 10. What is the surcharge for delivery to my location?

    Any possible additional payment is determined once we know your postcode.

  • 11. Will we be expanding the number of areas we deliver to?

    Maczfit is systematically expanding the areas serviced. We are present in most towns in Poland. We encourage you to follow our site where you can find current information on this topic.