The people who create the company and our excellent working practices are the basis of our success. As a company, we are open to people. Professionalism, creativity, commitment and the passionate people with whom we work, are our inspiration.



It is really hard to get bored here..! There is always something interesting going on; there are always new projects, new products. Thanks to this, I develop my skills, raise my qualifications.

Customer Service Office

People contact is something that I appreciate very much and here in the Customer Service Office I can really talk. I also have contact with experienced managers and I have learned a lot.


We are such an easy-going, fun packaging team. Harmony all the way…and the delicious smells from the kitchen are simply to die for!

We strive to create a friendly, safe working environment. We offer our employees the following: - a clear incentive system

 - attractive health insurance 

 - the possibility of personal development 

-  and a career path

If you feel that you have what it takes to take a job at Maczfit, we encourage you to contact us: