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<p style="text-align: justify;">Dear Maczfit users, the opening hours of our Customers Service Office have changed. We are open not only from Monday to Friday from 6:00 to 20:00, but also every Saturday from 8:00 to 14:00, and every Sunday from 10:00 to 14:00. At that time, you can call or email us, so feel free to ask and order.</p>
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<p style="text-align: justify;"><span style="font-size: 14px;"><span style="background-color: #ff0099;">Wooow !!!</span> We are pleased to announce that we came second in the portal, Dietary Catering Services competition in Warsaw..! Thank you for your appreciation. This is only just the beginning..! Watch this space..!</span></p>
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Maciej Lubiak, President of Maczfit Sp. z o. o., explains the intricacies of the technological process to the media – the process which makes our dietary sets always fresh and delicious. Did you know that the meals you get are made just hours beforehand?

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Find us! Maczfit has 135 locations already!

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Our array of stars have been joined by… <a href=";hl=pl">Beata Kozidrak</a>! When she prepares for her concerts, we provide her with tasty and positive energy!

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<span style="font-size: 10pt;">Take a sneaky peek at what the experts from Wizaż.pl have written about us..! Check ⤵ ⤵ ⤵</span>
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<span style="font-size: 10pt;">One actress, known, among other things, for her part in a soap, has joined our long list of satisfied customers; the lady is none other than <a class="profileLink" style="font-size: 12px;" href="">First Love </a> – <a class="profileLink" style="font-size: 12px;" href="">Klaudia Halejcio</a> <i class="_lew" style="font-size: 12px;" title="Emotikon smile"><span class="_4mcd">:)</span></i></span>

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<span style="font-size: 10pt;">It is our great pleasure to introduce our new Maczfit Ambassador..! <span style="color: #ff00cc;">Agnieszka Kaczorowska</span>! Welcome to our Team<u><i></i></u></span>

<img class="alignnone wp-image-2095 " src="" alt="zrzut-ekranu-2016-03-4-o-12-30-09" width="302" height="243" />
<p style="text-align: justify;"><span style="font-size: 10pt;"><span style="color: #00ff00;">Dorota Czaja</span> tries Maczfit.<u><i> </i></u>We would like to see what she thinks and look forward to it. </span>.</p>
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<span style="font-size: 10pt;">On the way with <span style="color: #333399;">Staszek Karpiel-Bułecka. </span>Our boxes are not only modern in design but also very convenient<span style="color: #333399;">! </span>;)</span>

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<p style="text-align: justify;"><span style="font-size: 10pt;"><span style="color: #3366ff;"><span style="color: #339966;">Tomasz Barański</span></span><span style="color: #339966;"> </span>At theDancing With The Stars rehearsal!Of course we could not miss with it … DEFINITELY NOT TO BE MISSED..! </span></p>
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you're never too much fit you're never too much fit you're never too much fit
Cook for your health! Cook for your health! Cook for your health!

Home-delivered dietary catering

Cook for your health!

<p style="text-align: justify;">What with meetings, training (and motivational coaching), there is hardly time for cooking and that’s a fact? doesn’t matter. We are the world’s best calorie counters and can tweak your diet in just that special way for you, so that all your hard work and effort, to achieve your goals, will not be in vain. We, here at Maczfit, are experienced nutritionists and renowned chefs to a man and to a woman, too..! So choose your programme and see for yourself how delicious it is to eat fit with us. As the experts say:</p>

you can never be too fit!

Where to find us and how we operate

<p style="text-align: center"><img class="clickable tabs-control alignnone wp-image-777 size-full" title="Internet" src="" alt="Ikona Internet" width="120" height="120" /> <img class="clickable tabs-control alignnone wp-image-778 size-full" title="Telefon" src="" alt="Ikona Telefon" width="120" height="120" /> <img class="clickable tabs-control alignnone wp-image-780 size-full" title="Restauracja" src="" alt="Ikona Restauracja" width="120" height="120" /><img class="clickable tabs-control alignnone wp-image-779 size-full" title="Dowóz" src="" alt="Ikona Dowóz" width="120" height="120" /></p> &nbsp; &nbsp; <p style="text-align: justify">
  • </p> <p style="text-align: justify">Got no time to cook healthily? Don’t worry about it..! Leave it to us..! We know just how to put a diet together that will not only enchant your senses but will fit the bill in so many other ways, too..! Maczfit dietary catering is a complete range of meals for active people and those who want to have control over their own well-being. You choose one of the diet programmes on offer, depending on your needs or you can also choose one of the special diets and call our dietician and outline the goal you want to achieve, discussing, along the way, your preferences, habits and lifestyle. As a result, we can also advise on selecting the perfect programme for you. Our dietician is always at your disposal.
  • </p> To place an order with us at MACZFIT, you can choose one of three ways: <ul> <li>via the Order Form - available on  <a href=""></a>,</li> <li>via e-mail - sending a message to  <a href=""></a>,</li> <li>or via the telephone - by calling Customer Service on tel. +48 734 461 099.</li> </ul>
    Prior to delivery, MACZFIT,will await confirmation of a Customer’s creditworthiness while reviewing the order. Once confirmation of payment to our account at PKO BP No. 52 1020 2746 0000 3102 0204 6696 has been confirmed, it will be ALL SYSTEMS GO and MACZFIT will deliver your delicious choices within a working day of payment. During this time, our nutritionists will be developing menus for the programme you have selected and our busy chefs will prepare and pack your meals in pleasant, handy boxes. <p style="text-align: justify">
  • </p> <p style="text-align: justify">Our cuisine complies with the requirements both of the Food Inspectorate and with HACCP standards. Meals are prepared by professional chefs under the supervision of qualified dieticians. Only fresh produce,sourced from reliable suppliers is used in the preparation of our meals. We use the latest air-tight packaging thanks to modern, technologically advanced packaging equipment. Our meals are packed in special, food containers, designed by the Swedish Company DUNI which conform to the highest standards of hygiene, all of which have all the necessary certificates of quality and safety. They contain added minerals, too, to ensure that they are environmentally friendly. This ensures that we are preparing products of the highest quality. Safety and food hygiene is our top priority. .</p> &nbsp; <p style="text-align: justify">
  • </p> Deliveries are made early in the morning and are scheduled according to individual districts. Each meal range consists of five meals which should be eaten every 3 hours: breakfast, morning snack breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and supper. Our range of dietary meals is delivered by refrigerated van to ensure appropriate temperature.
    Our transport fleet is certified and complies with Art. 59 of the Food safety and Nutrition Actof 25.08.2006 (Legal Journal of 2015, item 594) and meets the hygienic requirements laid down in Regulation 852/2004 of the European Parliament and Council of the 29th. April 2004 on food hygiene. Our fleet was entered into the Register of the State District Sanitary Inspectorate which ensures deliveries in appropriate conditions. In the section "Where are we" you can check, at a glance, the areas we deliver our meals to. Please be advised that the meals delivered are ready to eat.

Where are we? Terms and Conditions

Our diets

The MACZ Slim Diet is dedicated to men and women who want to reduce body weight quickly, for example, before important events such as a wedding, holidays or other special occasions. Such a low calorie diet can be followed for a short period of time only, but it does give a sense of lightness and freedom.

It is sold with the following calorific values:

SLIM 1000 kcal

SLIM 1300 kcal

SLIM 1500 kcal

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The MACZ Fit diet is designed specifically for people with increased physical activity. The energy value and the increased number of meals, containing complete protein, is essential to enhance physical fitness.

It is sold with the following calorific values:

FIT 1800 kcal

FIT 2000 kcal

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The Vege diet is adapted to the needs of the vegetarian customer. Meat has been excluded from the menu and has been replaced with dairy products and legumes to balance the diet.

It is sold with the following calorific values:

VEGE 1000 kcal

VEGE 1300 kcal

VEGE 1500 kcal

VEGE 1800 kcal

VEGE 2000 kcal

VEGE 2500 kcal

VEGE 3000 kcal

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Detox Me
Detox Me is a programme aimed at those wanting to ‘power on’ with their diet, or reverse the effects of a bad diet and provide the body with a concentrated serum of bioactive substances over a short time. Detox Me is a different combo of neatly prepared, fresh juices with just the right ingredients, all working together, in multiple directions and prepared for each day of treatment.

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No Gluten & Lactose
Jest to program łączący założenia diety no gluten oraz diety no lactose, wykluczający z codziennego menu produkty zawierające gluten jak również laktozę. W jadłospisie wykorzystywane są ich zamienniki takie produkty zbożowe naturalnie bezglutenowe, nabiał bezlaktozowy oraz roślinne substytuty nabiału. Dieta przeznaczony jest dla osób ze szczególną wrażliwością na występowanie glutenu oraz laktozy w pożywieniu. Mimo, że w diecie tej wykorzystujemy produkty naturalnie bezglutenowe, istnieje prawdopodobieństwo wystąpienia śladowych ilości glutenu w posiłkach, dlatego nie jest ona polecana osobom chorym na celiakie.

It is sold with the following calorific values:







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No Meat
Program przeznaczony dla osób, które chcą wyeliminować ze swojego żywienia wszystkie rodzaje mięs. Menu jest zbliżone do wegetariańskiego, jednak kilka razy w tygodniu występują się w nim ryby. Jadłospis oparty jest o następujące składniki: nabiał, jaja, ryby, rośliny strączkowe, pełne ziarna zbóż, warzywa, owoce, orzechy i pestki.

It is sold with the following calorific values:

NO MEAT 1000 kcal

NO MEAT 1300 kcal

NO MEAT 1500 kcal

NO MEAT 1800 kcal

NO MEAT 2000 kcal

NO MEAT 2500 kcal

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No Fish
Program przeznaczony dla osób, które chcą wyeliminować ze swojego jadłospisu ryby. Menu opiera się o następujące produkty: mięsa, jaja, nabiał, rośliny strączkowe, pełne ziarna zbóż, warzywa, owoce, orzechy i pestki.

It is sold with the following calorific values:

NO FISH 1000 kcal

NO FISH 1300 kcal

NO FISH 1500 kcal

NO FISH 1800 kcal

NO FISH 2000 kcal

NO FISH 2500 kcal

NO FISH 3000 kcal

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No Gluten
Jest to program przeznaczony dla osób ze szczególną wrażliwością na występowanie glutenu w pożywieniu, często objawiającą się dolegliwościami ze strony przewodu pokarmowego. Menu tej diety opiera się o produkty takie jak: ryż, kukurydza, gryka, tapioka, amarantus, ziemniaki, nasiona roślin strączkowych, orzechy, mięso, owoce i warzywa. W diecie tej wykorzystujemy produkty naturalnie bezglutenowe.

It is sold with the following calorific values:

NO GLUTEN 1000 kcal

NO GLUTEN 1300 kcal

NO GLUTEN 1500 kcal

NO GLUTEN 1800 kcal

NO GLUTEN 2000 kcal

NO GLUTEN 2500 kcal

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Program skierowany do osób chorujących na cukrzycę jak i dla chcących ograniczyć w swojej diecie słodkie potrawy. Menu jest w większości wytrawne, sporadycznie pojawiają się w nim słodkie posiłki. Dieta opiera się głównie o produkty o niskim indeksie glikemicznym, jednak komponując potrawy zwracamy uwagę nie tylko na indeks glikemiczny pojedynczych składników, ale także na ich udział wagowy w całym daniu (tj. ładunek glikemiczny).

It is sold with the following calorific values:

DIABETIC 1000 kcal

DIABETIC 1300 kcal

DIABETIC 1500 kcal

DIABETIC 1800 kcal

DIABETIC 2000 kcal

DIABETIC 2500 kcal

DIABETIC 3000 kcal

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No Lactose
Program dedykowany osobom z nadwrażliwością na ten składnik. Objawami nietolerancji laktozy są dolegliwości trawienne jak np.: wzdęcia, bóle brzucha, uczucie ciężkości. Zazwyczaj ustępują po wyeliminowaniu cukru mlecznego z codziennego menu. W naszych jadłospisach jako zamienniki produktów laktozowych wykorzystujemy nabiał bezlaktozowy (taki jak: bezlaktozowe sery twarogowe, bezlaktozowe serki, bezlaktozowe jogurty, bezlaktozowe mleko czy bezlaktozowe sery dojrzewające) oraz roślinne substytuty nabiału (mleko roślinne, tofu).

It is sold with the following calorific values:

NO LACTOSE 1000 kcal

NO LACTOSE 1300 kcal

NO LACTOSE 1500 kcal

NO LACTOSE 1800 kcal

NO LACTOSE 2000 kcal

NO LACTOSE 2500 kcal

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Program dostosowany do potrzeb klienta będącego weganinem. Dieta opiera się na pięciu podstawowych grupach pokarmowych: pełnych ziarnach zbóż, roślinach strączkowych, warzywach, owocach, orzechach i pestkach. Z jadłospisu zostały wykluczone wszelkie produkty pochodzenia zwierzęcego : mięsa, ryby, jaja, nabiał, a także miód.

It is sold with the following calorific values:

WEGAN 1000 kcal

WEGAN 1300 kcal

WEGAN 1500 kcal

WEGAN 1800 kcal

WEGAN 2000 kcal

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Autorski program dedykowany osobom z problemami trawiennymi. Z diety wykluczone są produkty ciężkostrawne, takie jak nasiona roślin strączkowych, warzywa kapustne, produkty z wysoką zawartością laktozy, owoce o wysokiej zawartości łatwo fermentujących węglowodanów. Posiłki są przygotowywane według technik kulinarnych takich jak gotowanie, pieczenie, gotowanie na parze, duszenie bez obsmażania.

It is sold with the following calorific values:

CARE 1000 kcal

CARE 1300 kcal

CARE 1500 kcal

CARE 1800 kcal

CARE 2000 kcal

CARE 2500 kcal

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The Macz Fighter diet is designed for people with high physical activity who are striving to build-and maintain- high muscle mass. Approximately 25% of the energy in the diet comes from protein, with 45% coming from carbohydrate and 30% coming from fat.

It is sold with the following calorific values:

FAJTER 2500 kcal

FAJTER 3000 kcal

FAJTER 3500 kcal

FAJTER 4000 kcal

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Office Box
This combo contains 4 meals i.e. morning snack + lunch + afternoon snack + supper or breakfast + morning snack + lunch + afternoon snack. Individually matched to your daily calorific requirements.

It is sold with the following calorific values:

OFFICE BOX 1000 kcal

OFFICE BOX 1200 kcal

OFFICE BOX 1600 kcal

OFFICE BOX 2000 kcal

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Kid Box
Dietary meals for children, individually adapted to their age; includes three meals, that is, a snack, lunch and afternoon tea.

It is sold with the following calorific values:

KID BOX 1100 kcal

KID BOX 1400 kcal

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Petit Box
This diet consists of 5 healthy snacks and includes fresh vegetables, seasonal fruit, cottage cheese,fish or meat paste, mini-pancakes, sweet or savoury muffins. The Petit Box can be ordered in combination with our standard subscription combos.

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Our expert dieticians

If you need professional advice, please contact our nutritionists. Ms. is available via the form below.

Dietetyk - zdjęcie

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or contact us by phone from Monday to Friday from 6:00 - 20:00, on Saturday from 8:00 to 14:00 or on Sunday from 10:00 to 14:00

+48 734 461 099

Ambassador - Adam Sztaba

“When I am working on my music I am totally immersed in it. Maczfit diet is ideal for me as it allows me to combine my passion with regular, healthy meals.”

Adam Sztaba

Ambassador - Małgorzata Rozenek

“Using Maczfit Dietary Catering I can be sure that meals are not only delicious, but extremely healthy. I opted for the lactose-free / gluten-free diet – and I can thoroughly recommend it..!”

Małgorzata Rozenek

Ambassador - Agnieszka Kaczorowska

“Always running..!

Always carrying thousands of bags!

Always sure with Maczfit, that my nutritional requirements are well taken care of!”

Agnieszka Kaczorowska

Ambassador - Klaudia Halejcio

“Delicious and varied meals and the boxes! So easy to carrry about…! Perfectly balanced, daily servings of healthy food. Just perfect..!”

Klaudia Halejcio

Ambassador - Agnieszka Kobus

“Rowers need loads of energy..! When training, Mach Fajter fits the bill for us… just perfectly…!”

Agnieszka Kobus

Ambassador - Dorota Czaja

“Health, comfort, variety – Maczfit!”

Dorota Czaja

Ambassador - Kamila Szczawińska

“I love to cook and eat but there are days when work does not allow me to eat properly – that’s where Maczfit comes in..!”

Kamila Szczawińska

Ambassador - Tomasz Barański

“Maczfit gives me the opportunity to eat healthily. Balanced meals provide energy for the whole day!”

Tomasz Barański

Ambassador - Staszek Karpiel-Bulecka

“For years, I have been working at full pelt every day. The best I can do for myself is to take good care of my body – its condition and health. Maczfit prepared a diet, specifically for me; I am convinced it is the best thing ever, for me..!”

Staszek Karpiel-Bulecka

Choose your diet




Detox Me

No Gluten & Lactose

No Meat

No Fish

No Gluten


No Lactose




Office Box

Kid Box

Petit Box

Click on a selected location

How much does it cost?

Just choose a diet, selected calorific value and the number of days

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Online Dietician

Where are we?

Trial combo

Loyalty programme

We support athletes

Trial combo

Trial combo

Try this! If you are still not 100% convinced about us,order a choice of meals, for one, from any programme and with any calorific content. We want to give our Customers the option to make an informed choice of their dream diet that will help them to achieve their goal..!

Keep fit with <em>MACZFIT</em>!

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Loyalty programme

Loyalty programme

Do you love adventure..? Maybe low prices are your thing? Then you are in the right place..! Ask about our unique, customer loyalty programme. This awards you points with each purchase which can then be traded in for unforgettable adventures and lower product prices by up to several percent! Participation in our Loyalty Programme – it’s just got to be good..!

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We support athletes

We support athletes

We have decided that even at our level – which is the highest possible- the business of preparing dietary meals is not the be all and end all. The natural decision was to extend our offer to support sportsmen and develop best eating habits. Our experience shows that eating correctly with the correct patterns of healthy nutrition, pays off throughout the entire careers of our professional sportsmen and well into later life. We are proud that we can support them during their adventure with sport.

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Maczfit experts

<p style="text-align: justify;">This is the Maczfit Top Team..! This ‘A’ Team put their immense, theoretical knowledge to good use, both in the preparation of meals and in direct contact with our customers. Our dietetics expertise is state-of-the art and our years of experience are unsurpassed. We are fully professional and deal with every customer on a personal level. We not only create diets, we teach healthy eating habits, too, and these are… for life.</p>
Read more about us.


Wybrałeś dietę…i co dalej?

Dobór odpowiedniej liczby kalorii w dziennym menu to istotny element naszego codziennego życia. Dotyczy to zarówno osób, które chcą zmienić wygląd ...

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Dieta vs Aktywność fizyczna

Wakacje dobiegły końca. Niestety weekendowe grillowanie i wyjazdy all inclusive często odbijają się negatywnie na naszym wyglądzie. Jesień to dosko...

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